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1901 A Treatise on Photography by de Wiveleslie Abney / Longmans, Green & Co., London / In a Re-backed Leather Binding / Richly Illustrated

1901 A Treatise on Photography by de Wiveleslie Abney / Longmans, Green & Co., London / In a Re-backed Leather Binding / Richly Illustrated

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An interesting early book on Photography. Published in 1901 by Longmans, Green and Co., London. In a re-backed calf leather binding and richly illustrated throughout. With marbled endpapers and page edges.

Contents: Historical Sketch of the Discovery and Progress of Photography; Experiments With Light; Theory of Sensitive Compounds; The Action of Light on Various Compounds; On the Support and Substratum; Development of the Photographic Image; Giving Intensity To and Fixing the Image; Effect of the Spectrum on the Haloid Salts of Silver; On the Apparent Destruction of the Action of Light on the Photographic Image; Light for the Dark Room; The Gelatino-Bromide Process; Exposure and Development of Gelatino-Bromide Plates; The Daguerrotype; Collodion; Collodion Processes; Manipulations in Wet Plate Photography; Dry Plate Processes With the Bath; Collodion-Emulsion Processes; Washed Collodion Emulsions; Paper Negatives; Silver Printing; Manipulations in Silver Printing; Collodio and Gelatino-Citro-Chloride Processing; Printing With Iron and Uranium Compounds; The Platinotype Process; Printing With Chromium Salts; Miscellaneous Printing Processes With Chromium Salts; Photo-Lithographic Transfers; Photo Engraving and Relief Processes; Photo-Collotype Process; Elementary Photographic Optics; Apparatus; On the Picture; Photo-Spectroscopy; Orthochromatic Photography; Actionometry; True Monochromatic Rendering of Colour; Trichromatic Photography; Celestial Photography; Photography With the Microscope; The Failure of a Photographic Law.

Inside the pages have some light spotting at the beginning, otherwise clean and tightly bound. Has 134 black and white drawings and diagrams. This copy has not been written in and there are no other markings of previous ownership.

In a polished calf leather binding which has been re-backed. Has rubbing to the corners and originally to the spine ends. With an ornate gilt border and gilt crest on the front and back in Latin. The translation being "Blessed with a clean heart". The spine has five raised bands and a red Moroccan leather title plate. There is a chip to this and to a few areas on the spine.

A tightly bound, square antique book. Your copy of A Treatise on Photography will be wrapped with care in tissue and ribbon* and sent well packaged. I am always happy to add a gift card with a message to the parcel.

H 17.5 cm x W 12.5 cm, 425 pages, 0.58 kg. I dispatch worldwide daily from the UK. (There are just a very few countries which I am unable to ship to).

* If you would prefer for your books not to be decoratively wrapped but sent simply in the full protective packaging please add a note to the order.

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